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7th April 2022

Last Week's Overview


  • Provide a demo of how A/B testing works
  • Implement / Test bugs and features from Onekana Digital Attendance training report.
  • Angular Navbar : implement inputs, outputs and event emmitters
  • Angular Navbar : implement profile navbar
  • Angular Navbar : Documentation


  1. A/B Testing
  2. Kobotoolbox
  3. Onekana Dashaboard Training Report
  4. Mynavbar Library
  5. Sisitech Charts
  6. Supervisor
  7. Keptn
  8. Blockchain

Next Week's To Do


  1. Code Review session for mynavbar
  2. Passing functions from example to library
  3. Implementing authentication function for profile navbar
  4. Side Navigation bar
  5. Mynavbar responsiveness
  6. Practical demo of Blockchain presenation
  7. Code Review session for Angular Material Form


  1. Grids, Layouts and Responsiveness
  2. Angular inputs, outputs and event emmiters