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14th July 2022 - Wavvy Wallet Meeting (at IHub)


  1. Wavvy Wallet Designs
  2. Wavvy Wallet Repo
  3. Wavvy Wallet API

Sync Messages

  • 🎟️ : Include a sync messages page displaying a list of transactions with the ability to attach/detatch a transaction to an account, assingn messages to sync (multiselect combobox).


  • 🎟️ : Remove 'Add Category' from the add section.
  • 🎟️ : There will be account tags > System tags > Add New Category Tag
  • 🎟️ : Add sub-categories to transaction (system generated tags).
  • 🎟️ : Attach a bank account (Bank, account number) to start monitoring bank to MPESA transfers.