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Getting Started

Setting up Sisitech npm registry

Basic Installation

- Once installed, to start using Sisitech Tables in your project, you'll need to install it via npm or package.json. - Open your terminal and run one of the following commands, depending on your package manager of choice:

# Using npm
npm install @sisitech/tables@0.4.8
  • You could also directly add it to your package.json as follows
# Adding it to package.json
"@sisitech/tables": "0.4.8" 
  • Check the myTables official package page to get the latest version of myTables.
  • This will add Sisitech tables to your project's dependencies, making it available for use in your code.

Useful Links

  • Overview: Introduction to myTables.
  • Usage: Discover how to create, customize, and work with tables using our library.
  • Under the Hood: Dive into the details of the library's functions, classes, and components.
  • Examples: See real-world examples of Sisitech Tables in action.