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Switch to Github NPM Package Registry

Remove the old NPM registry

Remove the previously configured

 npm config delete registry 

Remove all the references to from any documentation

Configure Github Package Registry

1. Create a Personal Github Access Token

  • Access the Developer Settings from your Github's profile page. Here is the link Github Developer Settings
  • Create a personal access token with the Repo and Packages read and write scopes. Access Token

  • Copy the access token.

2. Authenticate your local NPM into Github Packages Registry

Configure your .npmrc file to use the Github Package registry for your private repositories. The file is located in your $HOME directory


3. Update the package.json file

"publishConfig": {


For the repository follow the above format. Copy the link from the browser and replace the https with git


You should update the package.json for the lib not the workspace.


npm run svg:publish