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Wavvy Wallet MVP 2.0

February 2024


The Essence of Credulity in UX Research

Credulity, or the readiness to believe, underscores the critical need for empirical observation and prototype testing in UX research. Inspired by "How to Think Like a UX Researcher", we emphasize two methodologies for garnering insights:

  1. Observation of Current Solutions: Engaging directly or indirectly with users to understand their interactions with existing solutions, revealing user behaviors, pain points, and adaptations.
  2. Future Simulation through Prototyping: Utilizing prototypes to predict and refine how users interact with future product versions, facilitating usability feedback and feature enhancements.

Market Insight

Kenya's mobile money ecosystem, dominated by Safaricom's M-Pesa with a 95% market share among 77 million accounts, reflects a ripe environment for innovation. This backdrop supports Wavvy Wallet's entry and potential growth in enhancing mobile money management.

Product-Market Fit and Feature Innovation

Wavvy Wallet - Distinguishing Features

  1. Cross-Platform SMS Parsing: Effortlessly interpret SMS transactions on Android and iOS.
  2. Advanced Transaction Tagging: Offers dynamic tagging options, including customizable subcategories.
  3. In-depth Reporting: Generates detailed reports down to tag-level insights, enriched with date-range filtering.
  4. Machine Learning for Auto-tagging: Implements AI to streamline tagging, minimizing user effort.
  5. Budget and Group Tracking: Facilitates budget setting and tracks group contributions, ideal for personal and chamas.
  6. Financial Literacy: Provides educational content to enhance user knowledge on financial management.
  7. Gamification of Tagging features This is to make the process of tagging more enjoyable i.e. via a leadeerboard.

Development Insights

  • Adopt Sisitech Flutter Libraries: For increased code reusability, maintainability, and testability.
  • Utilize Mixpanel: To gain a deeper understanding of user interactions and preferences.