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Training Report

Date : 23rd - 26th March 2022

Venue : Kyaka Hotel, Machakos

Mobile Application

Feature Status Notes
Separate the 'Ministry of Education' text from 'State Department for Early Learning and Basic Education' ✅ Login Screen
Rename username to 'NEMIS school code / Phone Number' ✅ Login Screen
Change 'SNE' label to 'LWD' represented by a purple badge ✅ Mark Attendance Screen
Student Status options to include Out Of School, Newly Enrolled, and Previously Enrolled ✅ Add Learner Form
Add 'Other Chronic Ailments' to special needs input dropdown options ✅ Add Learner Form
View more Learner metadata (Click to view Learner metadata) ✅ View Learner Details Screen
Remove Teacher Date of Birth and replace with Teacher ID Number ✅ Login Screen
Login in Offline mode ✅ Switch off internet connection and login to a school previously logged in with internet connectivity
Mark Attendance in Offline mode ✅ Switch off internet connection and add mark class attendance to test
Increase the width of the reason for absence, the reason for deactivation and the special needs pop up form ✅ Reason for Absence, Reason for Deactivation, Special Needs Screens
Add Learner in Offline mode ✅ Switch off internet connection and add a learner to test
Rename application settings labels to 'Offline Attendance Status' and 'Offline Enrolment Status' ✅ Profile Screen
Update chart colors on the mobile application to match the web dashboard ✅ Daily Attendance Report and Reports Screen
View Learner's Reasons for Absence History Login Screen
Introduce TSC / BOM Number Add Teacher Form
Restrict Date of Birth such that a student cannot enrolment cannot be anytime before Add Learner Form
Implement an offline storage estimator feature Offline Mode

Web Application

Feature Status Notes
Coat of Arms logo should redirect to home when clicked ✅ Home Screen
Add Branding Information to the dashboard top navigation bar ✅ Home Screen
Add multi-bar graph chart type to the monthly and annual attendance chart ✅ Home Screen
Add titles and legends to all charts ✅ Home Screen
Add % values in annual attendance and enrolment distribution chart labels ✅ Home Screen
Adjust Learner's enrolment chart labels to new standard (Grade 1-6, Class 7-8) ✅ Home Screen
Add list of dropout learners ✅ Home Screen (Dropouts)
Remove Add School feature from the dashboard ✅ Schools Navigation
Import school data exported from NEMIS ✅ Data Importation
Rename label 'Base Class' to 'Class' ✅ Add Class
Rename School table header EMIS code to 'IUC/NEMIS code' ✅ Schools Navigation
Enable Editing of Classes ✅ View Classes
Update Learner Status input field options ✅ Add Learner Form
Added dropdown arrow icons to relevant form input fields ✅ All Form Inputs
Remove some columns i.e. ID, Modify Created Date etc ✅ View Classes
Rename Board Teacher input option to B.O.M ✅ Add Teacher Form
Match NEMIS conventions on View Schools list i.e. Category, Institution Gender, Institution Accommodation View Schools Screen
TSC number to be limited to integers only validation Add Teacher Form
Add a warning message when adding a class Add Class
Edit the warning message in delete pop up form Delete Class
Fetch Streams When Adding Teacher Add Teacher Form
Search Teacher using Name Name, Tsc, Id No View Teacher
Implement User Access Levels i.e. Teacher, CDE, Super Administrator ✅
Implement Special Needs Add Learner Form
Add 'Age (Estimated Date of Brith)' to a learner Add Learner Form
Learner Status should be mandatory ✅ Add Learner Form
Remove unnecessary columns after data filtering View Learners
Add Student age on the report View Learners
Add 'Edit' and 'Delete' functionality View Learners
Sync daily class attendance data to the web dashboard Attendance Report
Rename Absent from '0' to Absent and Present from '1' Attendance Report
Add Filter by Status in Attendance Report ✅ Attendance Report
Add Filter by Dropouts in Attendance Report Attendance Report
Add Filter by Age in Attendance Report Attendance Report


Feature Status Notes
Optimise the performance of the Onekana Digital Attendance application by introducing Database Pooling ✅

Server Specifications

  1. Ubuntu Server 2021

Server Recommendations

  1. The Ministry of Education to provide a secondary backup server in a different location to introduce redundancy.

  2. A backup cloud hosting solution would be suitable to manage any potential downtimes and improve server reliability.

  3. Adopt Solid State Drives (SSDs) inplace of current hard drives to improve on speed.

User Manual

Feature Status Notes
Update Onekana Digital attendance user manual ✅
Add a Table of Content to Onekana Digital Attendance user manual ✅