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Adobe Animate

The Absolute Basics

  1. Started off as Macromedia Flash before it was bought by Adobe and rebranded to Adobe Animate.

  2. Used for making animations, interactive web content using action script / HTML5.

Inside Adbobe Animate

  1. Create a new project.

  2. The center area is known as a stage; where the magic happens.

Tools (Toolbar Interface)

  1. Selection tool - select an object and move it around

  2. Free transform tool - scale an object

  3. Laso tool - create unique shapes from objects (substractive)

  4. Fluid brush tool

  5. Pencil tool

  6. Shape tool - Drawing shapes e.g. circle, square etc

  7. Line tool - Drawing lines

  8. Text tool - Typography

  9. Eraser tool

  10. Paint bucket tool - Fill an area with color

  11. Eye Dropper tool

  12. Camera tool

  13. Rotation tool

  14. Zoom tool

Library Panel

  1. Hold all imported assets into the project

Frame Panel

  1. Window that allows to animate objects

  2. Frame - You can insert a keyframe on a frame

  3. Keyframe - has a black dot in it. Allows for actual animation of objects

Random Notes

  1. Use the align tool to center an imported image in the stage

  2. Animating on twos as an animation methodology (1,3,5,7 etc)


Adobe Animate 2022 - The Absolute Basics