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Employee Dashboard


  • Import Sisitech records (full names + salaries in Kshs and values hidden)
Name Number Email Location Salary
Melanie Fayne Obora 0712697518 Nairobi Kshs. XXXXXX
Kelvin Mwangi Micha 0727290364 Nairobi Kshs. XXXXXX
Ali Chivatsi Dennis 0715415865 Nairobi Kshs. XXXXXX
  • Display Inventory price in Kshs.

  • Theme the dashboard navigation bars with Sisitech primary color

    • rgba(59, 132, 158) OR
    • 3a839e
  • Add Sisitech logo to the side navigation bar.

  • Add dashboard title and favicon to the index.html page.