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Wavvy Wallet Business Case

Proposition - Tamaduni Gardens, Kilifi

  • 🎟️ : The business premise has a separate phone for all its MPESA transactions / sales that are auto-forwarded to the bank every morning (all the total amount is forwarded).
  • 🎟️ : Everyday starts off a fresh new day for MPESA transactions.
  • 🎟️ : This presented a business case to use the customers information for customer ranking (understanding customer loyalty.
  • 🎟️ : This presented a business case for marketing (targetted bulk SMS) and digital marketing strategies using customer data.
  • 🎟️ : One of the most potential usage of the product will be addition of POS functionality i.e. book-keeping and generation of profit and loss statements.

Automarketing Marketing Insights

  • In marketing, the customer lifetime value is the total worth to a business of the customer over the whole period of their relationship. Top companies such as Meta have implemented and allowed advertisers to incorporate customer lifetime value in their marketing campaigns.

  • According to Meta, customer lifetime value is a numeric representation of the net profit you predict will be attributable to a given customer over the duration of your relationship with them. You can break it down into a few factors:

        - 🎟️ :How often a customer makes a purchase within a typical purchase cycle
        - 🎟️ :How much a customer spends each time they make a purchase
        - 🎟️ :The potential length of a customer's relationship with you
  • For Wavvy Wallet, we can provide our customers with intelligent insights by automatically calculating the lifetime value of each of their clients. We can do this by using a simple formula basing on the MPESA sms message history.

       - 🎟️ :Number of MPESA messages from same number
       - 🎟️ :Total amount received from same number
       - 🎟️ :Date of latest transaction
       - 🎟️ :Date of first imported transaction
       - 🎟️ :Lifetime = (Date of latest transaction - Date of first imported transaction) in days
       - 🎟️ :CLV = (Lifetime x Amount Spent x Unique Visits) / X
  • Example of customer report with CLV.

Customer Name Phone Number Number of transactions Number of unique visits Total amount spent Day of First Transaction Day of Week of First Transaction Month of First Transaction Year of First Transaction Time Lifetime Value
Ali Chivatsi Dennis 0715415865 8 4 3000 28 Saturday July 2022 06:40PM 4.6

Competitor Matrix

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