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Social Intelligence

Google Talks with Daniel Goleman


  1. If you want to hire the best person for a job, begin by looking in your organization at the people who now and in the past have held that job, identify the traits/competencies in the top 10% (Competence modeling).

  2. IQ is considered a threshold ability. You need to be smart enough to get into the game however you required some distinguishing competencies to stand out as an innovative leader.

    • High internal standards for success (they know how good a thing should be internal. Like to keep score/metric and use that to improve performance). These people love to set challenging goals.

    • Impact/Influence - Being able to make persuasive arguments i.e. tell a compelling story in a different direction.

    • Conceptual Thinking - Pattern recognition and seeing what matters. Use patterns to identify what to do to make a difference.

    • Analysis - Understand the implications of making changes trickling down in other sectors.

    • Taking on Challenges without being told to do so.

    • Being persistent in tackling problems.

    • Liking to operate independently.

  3. Self-Mastery.

    • Self Awareness (important for decision making).

    • The wisdom of the emotion. The ability to tune in to the subtle feelings.

    • Motivation (remembering how good it is going to feel).

The Social Brain

  1. Regulates itself according to the internal state of the other person.

  2. Most effective leaders laughed three times more.


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